About Cindy Huggins

Food and Nutrition Expert | Actress | Speaker | Blogger | Podcaster | Lover of Life

Cindy is a motivational speaker and registered dietitian nutritionist who

holds a Master's of Science in Human Nutrition from The University

of Alabama. She is the creator and author of the blog Newlywed Nutrition

where she promotes healthy living and healthy marriage.   

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nutrition communications expert

Health philosophy

Health is about more than the food you put on your plate. It's the purpose and passion behind that plate that leads to everlasting change. In order to have optimal health one needs to find balance in all five aspects of health: mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual. 

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"It is an honor to work in a profession that allows me to mesh multiple passions.  I find great joy in helping my community. I am committed to serving others, honestly with great integrity." 


Cindy’s career began in a clinical setting which gave her the opportunities to work in oncology, bariatrics, wellness, and long-term acute care. Currently she is working as an outpatient certified diabetes educator and nutrition counselor.

Cindy Huggins

Motivational Speaker